Stacker is an iOS view controller to kickstart development of hybrid native/web iPhone apps.

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URL Driven iOS Apps

Stacker lets you drive your iOS application's navigation, page headings, nav buttons etc. all through how you declare your URLs. This makes iOS development easier and faster.

Unlike PhoneGap or Titanium, you can use Stacker in any regular XCode/iOS project. Jump back into native code when you need to.

Eg: A URL that will slide a new page overtop and set the title to 'Post' will look like: /post/123?x_push_page=true &x_page_title=Post

Watch the Getting Started video

Stacker was inspired by this post by @DHH: Hybrid sweet spot: Native navigation, web content.

Javascript Bridge

Stacker comes with a Javascript bridge so you can send messages between Objective-C and JavaScript.

The Javascript bridge is based on the popular WebViewJavascriptBridge library that's also being used by the Facebook and Facebook Messenger iOS apps.

And More

Stacker provides you with features you might expect from a hybrid web/native iOS app.

  • Theme the experience with your colors and logo
  • "Pull-to-refresh" on all pages.
  • Open external links in a seperate modal view-controller
  • Device information and app version sent in every HTTP request
  • Error pages for "no internet connection" or "request not found"