Product Management Articles and Books

I frequently get asked if there are any articles that I can recommend to someone thinking about going into Product Management. Here’s a very comprehensive list of articles and books that I maintain.

Level 0 - What is Product Management?

Level 1 - Is it really for you?

Level 2 - Becoming a Product Manager

Level 3 - Building great products

Level 4 - Get out of the building

Level 5 - Requirements!

Level 6 - Roadmaps, planning and prioritization!

Level 7 - Working with engineers

Level 8 - UX and working with designers

Level 9 - Giving and receiving feedback

Level 10 - Ship, Measure and Win

Level 11 - Organizing a Product Management team

Level 12 - Managing Up

Level 13 - Becoming great

If you have any suggestions or would like to see any added to the lists, send me a message on Twitter.