Custom Navigation Buttons

Sometimes you want to show a button in the navigation bar of your app. In order to do this with Stacker you first need to create your native button, register it with your StackerController, and then finally call it from a URL in your web app.

Let's imagine you're creating a button to post a comment:

1. Create the button

UIBarButtonItem *postCommentButton = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"Post" style:UIBarButtonItemStyleBordered target:self action:@selector(postComment)];

What this will do is create a button named postCommentButton, with the text "Post". The target is self which means that it will call a method named postComment on the object that this method is declared. If you want to call a method on another object then use that object as the target instead.

2. Register the button with Stacker

A StackerController has buttonHandlers: a list of button names and the button they correspond with. If the button is called from a URL, Stacker will look up the button and the buttonHandler dictionary and display the one with the corresponding name.

NSDictionary *buttonHandlers = @{ @"post_comment_button" : postCommentButton,
                                  @"edit_comment_button" : editCommentButton

myStackerController.buttonHandlers = buttonHandlers;

This registers two buttons with Stacker. The one we just created, postCommentButton, will be registered under the name "post_comment_button".

3. Reference the button in the URL

Now you can make the postCommentButton appear by calling it from a url like so:


You can also make it appear on the left hand side with x_left_button, but this will only work on the first page.