Theming Stacker

Stacker comes with several theming options to customize the look and feel of your application

We'll create a Stacker controller called myStackerController and use it in the examples below:

StackerController *myStackerController = [[StackerController alloc] initWithURL:@"http://localhost:3000/"];

Background Color

[myStackerController setWebViewBackgroundColor:@"F0F1F2"];

Title of the first page

myStackerController.rootTitle = @"News Feed";

Image for a title

myStackerController.rootPageTitleImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"logo.png"];

There should be two images in your applications directory, one retina and one non-retina. So in above example you need a logo.png & logo@2x.png image.

Setting the status bar color

If you want a light status bar:

myStackerController.statusBarLight = YES;

Tab Icon

Carried over from it's parent class, UINavigationController, you can set the tab bar image. Make sure to include both a retir

myStackerController.tabBarItem.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"tab-1.png"];

Header colors

This will set the background to #47916B and all the text to #FFFFFF. HexColors is used by Stacker but you may have to import it yourself (you can download it from Github.).

#import <HexColors/HexColor.h>

// ....

myStackerController.navigationBar.barTintColor = [UIColor colorWithHexString:@"47916B"];
myStackerController.navigationBar.tintColor = [UIColor colorWithHexString:@"FFFFFF"];
[myStackerController.navigationBar setTitleTextAttributes:@{NSForegroundColorAttributeName : [UIColor colorWithHexString:@"FFFFFF"]}];

Loading and Refresh Spinner Color

myStackerController.refreshSpinnerColor = @"6F9FCD";
myStackerController.loadingSpinnerColor = @"1C3347";

Error Pages

No Network Connection Page

Stacker comes with an html file called no-network-connection.html and will render it when your app has lost it's Internet connection. Find the file and edit it like you would a regular HTML file (remember, your app is no longer connected to the internet, so customize this HTML page with that in mind).

Couldn't find page

Similar to above, it's called not-found.html and is shown if the server couldn't be reached.